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Provided upon execution of confidentiality agreement.

Additional Description

The general breakdown is that a drilling program identified a lignite coal deposit under about 8500 acres (average heat value was about 11,000 BTU/lb based on dry sample weight; the dry weight sulfur content averages near 1%, which could qualify as a low sulfur fuel). The estimated total recoverable lignite coal under the 8500 acres is 160 million short tons when allowing 10% loss on the Compton seam and 20% loss on the subordinate seams on 8000 of the 8500 acres.

All of the leased acreage has direct access to public roadways, potable water, and electric power (including a railroad within 20 miles that goes to a pier for export if desired).

The total acreage under lease is about 2981 acres. The estimated recoverable lignite coal under lease is 66.7 million short tons and it may be possible to negotiate additional leases within the 8500 approximate acres study area.

There is detailed technical data on the entire project that can be requested to pre-qualified buyers once a confidentiality agreement is signed.

Not interested in purchasing the lease, but know someone who is? We are offering a $1,000,000 commission to whomever brings the buyer.


Gross Acreage:
Net Mineral Acres:
United States of America
Closest City/Town:
Latitude: 32.1532156
Longitude: -94.7993802
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